About us

"Learning Has No Bounds."

We founded iBelieve Driving School with one goal in mind: refining our students’ skills and giving our students the best, most rewarding learning experience.

iBelieve Driving School is located in Auckland, and provides quality, affordable driving lessons in preparation for a practical driving test. We also assist in the conversion of overseas licenses.

Whether you are a young person ready to get behind the wheel or someone that simply wants to learn how to drive but never got around to it, our passionate and skilled driving instructor is here to help you build your confidence to ace your next practical test and achieve your driving goals!

Are you ready to reach your potential?


Having almost 30 years of driving experience, iBelieve Driving School was founded by Jun L. Alatan, NZTA-Approved driving instructor, to help drivers from all levels to reach their potential, and help people become better and safer drivers on New Zealand roads. We believe that every driver, whether a Learner, Restricted or someone needing assistance to convert their license, is able to be the best driver version of themselves on the road and drive safely and confidently.